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Indian Vegetarian Homemade Food

Chef Ritu Madaan, the culinary virtuoso responsible for the exquisite taste of Salt and Pepper, skillfully incorporates her extensive background in Punjabi cuisine into every dish she presents. Infused with a rich tapestry of flavors and made from the freshest ingredients, her culinary creations consistently embody a harmonious blend of healthfulness and delectable indulgence. For over two decades, Chef Ritu Madaan has taken immense pleasure in curating delectable delicacies for her esteemed circle of friends and family. However, upon her relocation to the United States, she encountered the challenge of sourcing authentic homemade North Indian food. Driven by her passion for culinary artistry, she embarked on her remarkable journey, establishing a meal delivery business. It all began with the preparation of homemade meals for her loved ones, an endeavor that garnered widespread acclaim and inspired her to share her cherished recipes with those yearning for the comforting tastes of home-cooked meals while residing abroad. With unwavering support from her husband, Chef Ritu Madaan founded Salt and Pepper, an esteemed culinary haven where she crafts authentic, fresh, and exclusively vegetarian fare. Each dish is a nostalgic celebration of her culinary heritage, evoking fond memories of flavors reminiscent of one's cherished roots.